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Doylean Sites to See

If you know of a website we should add, please tell us:

Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Conan Doyle Review

Doings of Doyle

The Literary Agents

Edinburgh Conan Doyle Project

Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection

Toronto Public Library, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection

Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota Library

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin

Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Portsmouth City Libraries

The Best of Sherlock Holmes

Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd.



Doylean Publishers

Wessex Press

Doylean News & Events

Please tell us about your Doylean news and plans so we can share them:

For up-to-date Sherlockian information, always check the Sherlockian Calendar for events and Scuttlebutt and The District Messenger for news.

Social Medium

Why just Twitter, and not other media? Because ACD used twitter:

"There is a gentle hum of life which pervades a closely-settled country, so deep and constant that one ceases to observe it, as the dweller by the sea loses all sense of the constant murmur of the waves. The twitter of birds, the buzz of insects, the far-off echo of voices, the lowing of cattle, the distant barking of dogs, roar of trains, and rattle of carts — all these form one low, unremitting note, striking unheeded upon the ear."

The Poison Belt (1913)

If you find an instance of ACD using another social medium, please tell us, and we will consider adding it to our portfolio of outlets.

Pick a Number,
Almost Any Number

February 18, 2021 — We will start mailing membership cards next week. If you are a member and you would prefer a particular member number, please tell us via email, with your name and preferred number in the subject line. Because we believe membership in the ACDS should reflect community and collegiality, we are not limiting the number of members who can have a particular member number.

So, if it turns out that we have a lot of members who are attached to a number associated with Le Guin’s best book or Bozeman’s best film or Swift’s best song or Eno’s best band (or, yes, your favorite staircase or year or street address) or something else special, that’s fine. Everyone can have their number (in other words, more than one person can have the same number). The only constraint is that your number must fit on the little line just to the right of the word “number” on the bottom of the back of the card (pictured above), which does, alas, disqualify sentimental favorites by the likes of Avogadro, Curie, Gopala, and Knuth.

There is no deadline for this, but be warned: If we have not heard from you by the time we mail your card, we will choose one (or maybe some other number) for you, and then you will be stuck with that number, at least for this year. (If you’re wondering what’s on the other side of the card, you’ll just have to wait until someone receives theirs and posts a picture somewhere.)


Welcome to a Thrillingly
Boring Beginning

Our website is dull because adding a spark to something like this is part of the fun of being in on the founding of an organization. We want to share that fun with as many Doyleans as we can. (Besides, this site does not need to do much, because a magnificent Doylean website — a veritable online encyclopedia of ACD — already exists: Alexis Barquin's Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia.)

That is why we have put together what we hope is the simple, sturdy skeleton of a website that can be improved by, for example, a contest to develop a logo for the ACD Society. Hmmm . . . yes. That is where we will start with our glamorizing. The logo contest rules are . . . here.

The same outlook applies to the ACD Society itself. We would like to think we have a simple, sturdy skeleton of program and organization — outlined below (and inspired by Cliff Goldfarb's 2019 letter) — that will foster and celebrate much good Doylean work.

The Program

Doylean Honors: Awards for Doylean excellence in four categories: fiction and poetry, performing and visual arts, scholarly writing, and service. They will be presented in January 2022 at Otto Penzler's The Mysterious Bookshop in New York City, and annually thereafter. Each honoree will receive a $250 Bookshop credit and a certificate featuring (you guessed it) a doily selected by lace expert Bev Wolov.

Conferences: Triennial events to be held at locations that have Doylean significance, with online accessibility for those who cannot attend in person. The first will be in 2023, with a "One Crowded Hour" theme — in collaboration with Ashley D. Polasek's Conan Doyle Review and Mark Jones and Paul M. Chapman's Doings of Doyle. Watch for a call for papers later this year.

Cricket team: It does not yet have a name or a home field, but it does have a mission — to challenge, and perhaps someday even overcome, Sherlockians and Wodehousians and other amicable athletes. We hope to play our first match during the 2023 Doylean conference.

Newsletter: A trimesterly periodical highlighting Doylean accomplishments and events. An electronic edition will be available for free right here. A print edition will be mailed to members.

Website: This site is boring but (we hope) useful now, and it will (we are sure) gradually become increasingly useful and lovely and lively.

That is enough for starters.

The Organization

Doylean Honors: We will have committees to select honorees in each of the three substantive Doylean Honor categories. The chair of each committee is responsible for organizing their committee, adopting a process for selecting honorees in their category (up to three honorees per year), and then doing the selecting. Jayantika Ganguly is chair of the "Fiction and Poetry" committee, Monica Schmidt is chair of the "Performing and Visual Arts" committee, and Anastasia Klimchynskaya is chair of the "Scholarly Writing" committee. Each chair is organizing their committee now. We expect to have nomination forms for all three categories up here by May 1.

Advisors: Cliff Goldfarb is the chairman of our board of advisors, which he is in the process of organizing. In addition to giving us advice, each year the board will select an individual to receive the Doylean Honor for service.

Conferences: More about them later. If you want to bother someone about them now, even though there is not yet much to say, you might try Carlina de la Cova or Ira Brad Matetsky.

Cricket team: Our temporarily nameless and homeless team will be captained by Andrew Heger, advised by honorary captain Stuart Law. If you are a Doylean who wants to play, please sharpen your cricket skills (or acquire some!), because Andy will eventually be holding tryouts, one way or another.

Newsletter: It has an editor. Greg D. Ruby is thinking about suitable periodical names.

The work of chairs and editors and captains is being coordinated by Ross Davies, who also runs occasional meetings and errands.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?
Please email us at

Oh, you already have questions? You want to know who can join the society, what it costs, and what you get for your money?


Everyone is welcome to join, so please do.

Membership costs $10 per calendar year. The money will help to cover some but not all of the costs of the society. (Remember, an e-version of the newsletter will be available for free here, so don't pay to join if your only reason for doing so would be to read it. Then again, print versions might turn out to be nifty keepsakes. You never know.)

When you pay, you will provide your name, email address, and mailing address. The name and addresses will help us communicate with you, including sending you the goods: an annual membership card and three printed issues of the newsletter per year. And perhaps other things, if it turns out that we can afford them.

You can do the paying and address-providing via PayPal . . .

Do you want one, two, or three years?

. . . or by downloading this form and following the instructions you find on it.

By the way, if you want to support the ACD Society more generously, please feel free to send a larger Paypal or check to the Green Bag (the organization that is collecting our dues and paying our bills now and will for the foreseeable future be covering the difference between dues coming in and expenses going out). It is a 501(c)(3) and will gladly send a receipt.

Thank you for reading!