A Common Newsletter

"A Common Newsletter" is our triannual oversize postcard report on interesting Doylean items — some old, some new, some yet to be. We mail it to everyone who joins the ACD Society. (You can do that here, if you like.)

Every time we mail a new issue, we post a link here to a pdf of the previous issue. (We hope to also issue occasional bonus regular-size postcards — we've done that once so far — but those won't appear here.)

Here is a list of all issues we've mailed so far (with links to all but the latest, and any bonus cards, of course). We hope you enjoy them, and that you also consider joining the Society!

ACNv4n1 (2024)

ACNv3n3 (2023)

ACNv3n2 (2023)

ACNv3n1 (2023)

ACNv2n3 (2022)

ACNv2 (2022) (Special Lagniappe Number - bonus)

ACNv2n2 (2022)

ACNv2n1 (2022)

ACNv1n3 (2021)

ACNv1n2 (2021)

ACNv1n1 (2021)

We have a few sets of print editions of the 2021-2023 newsletters. If you would like to purchase a set of nine, you can do so by clicking on this button: