"The Doylean Sporting Times" (aka "The New Pink 'Un") is our occasional periodical covering sports and related activities with Doylean connections. We post most Pink 'Uns here and on social media, and sometimes also make limited print editions for participants in the ACD Society's own sporting activities, such as our annual running of the Wessex Cup. (You can learn more about our Wessex Cup here.)

Here is a list of all the Pink 'Uns we've produced so far, with links. We hope you enjoy them, and that you also consider joining the ACD Society (which you can do here, if you like).

Pink 'Un 4 (2024)

Pink 'Un 3 (2023)

Pink 'Un 2 (2023)

Pink 'Un 1.5 (2022) (special)

Pink 'Un 1 (2022)